PLEASE NOTE: These study guides have been modified by the individual teachers and may not apply to C.C.D. classes.

Candidates for First Holy Communion should continue to complete each of the lessons in the Together with Jesus packet.

Confirmation candidates are asked to continue to review their Confirmation questions. 


PLEASE NOTE: There will not be formal C.C.D. classes before Easter. Families are asked to spend time together over the next two weeks working on completing these assignments. Thank you for your cooperation. 

LEVEL 1: Lesson 1: Read and complete Chapter 21: Three Days; Lesson 2: Read and complete Chapter 27: Easter

LEVEL 2: Lesson 1: Read and complete Chapter 18: We Celebrate the Liturgy of the Eucharist; Lesson 2: Read and complete Chapter 19: We Go in Peace to Share God's Love

LEVEL 3: Lesson 1: Read and complete Chapter 21: Three Days; Lesson 2: Read and complete Chapter 27: Easter

LEVEL 4: Lesson 1:Review Chapter 6: The Liturgical Year; Lesson 2: Read and complete Chapter 21: Three Days 

LEVEL 5:   Lesson 1:Read and complete Chapter 24: Matrimony   Lesson 2: Read page 256: Celebration of Mass

LEVEL 6:   Lesson 1: Chapter 8 - handout  Lesson 2: Chapter 9 - handout

LEVEL 7:   ​Lesson 1: Read Lesson 5 In the "Gifted With the Spirit" Pflaum booklet series, specifically pages 2 and 3. focusing on the Gifts of the Spirit.  Write each Gift on a separate half sheet of paper and write what each gift means to you. Possible questions to help prompt them are:  How would I demonstrate this gift... How would I see this gift being demonstrated in others... What are some other words that define this gift ... Each student should have 7 half sheets, one for each gift with legible answers to the above questions.

Lesson 2: Review Lesson 4 in the "Gifted With the Spirit" Pflaum booklet series, specifically pages 4 and 5.
Then write how you are doing the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy during the time away from C.C.D. Wire about as many as you can More than.  Read Signs of the Spirit on page 4 and 5. What signs have you seen in actions during this time? Write at lease 100 words. 
Both lessons will be returned to the teacher.